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I'm a man living in San Francisco trying to make a difference. I've begun to explore the world of Bay Area local foods. In doing so, I hope to expand my knowledge about food issues, to join a community of people who share this goal, and to expand and share my joy around anything related to food. I believe that not only is it fun to explore and learn to cook new foods, but that local foods are better tasting and more nutritious. I also believe there is grace in supporting small farmers, independent retailers and small manufacturers.

I hope to write about exploring the reasons, benefits and challenges of adopting a local food lifestyle; to include recipes of seasonal foods and descriptions of local farms; to share ideas about how to overcome the challenges of eating and buying locally; to provide profiles of food advocates; to discuss food policy; to share photos and art; and of course, to share my own personal reflections about food and the impact my food choices make on the world.


music, food, drumming, college football.