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October 27, 2008


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My aunt swears by persimmon cookies. I hate spice...gingerbread, pumpkin pie...every last bit of that stuff (with the exception of the awesomeness of cinnamon) grosses me out. It ranks right up there with, um, mussels. ;o) In any event, this recipe looks similar to hers and got high ratings online.

Give it another shot and let me know.

mama d

You've happened upon my family's traditional crop! Though the orchard is no longer fruitful, we still have our land down in Fallbrook, CA, where my great uncle and great grandfather grew Hachiya persimmons (mostly), avocados, cherimoyas, loquats, kumquats, sapotas, macadamia nuts, and an increasingly prickly amount of cacti. Try the persimmons frozen and eaten with a spoon ... they taste like a persimmon sorbet. You can also "ripen" them very quickly in the freezer.

Retro Jordans

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slow cooker pot roast

This looks great
Gonna try this tomorrow

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My favorite! Too bad its rare in my place.

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