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February 21, 2009


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How much yogurt should you eat when on antibiotics?
I have read that eating the good (probiotic) cultures in yogurt while taking antibiotics add back some of the the good bacteria that antibiotics kill while fighting your infection.

How much yogurt should one eat per day for this to be effective?

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We are two best friends named Vickie and Vicky, that drive school bus during the winter months and decided to open a food concession stand. Were thinking about selling espressos and breakfast burritos in the mornings. Hot dogs and Pulled pork sandwiches for later in the day. BUUUTTT... we are really stuck on figuring out a name for our stand. Can you help us?

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I love to eat variety of foods
Really I like to Italian Turnip and Rice
Soup with Parmesan Cheese. Thanks for
sharing this information I would like to
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Women like flower, flower, flower needs comfort!

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Just reading the instructions, it already makes my mouth water.

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College sports, especially football and basketball, are a big industry.

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